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Video is like gold in 2023 and beyond! Google is really prioritizing pages with unique videos and it shows! They even track pages with video separately in their own Google Search Console, which means they are more than important. Why is a unique video so important? Because you actually have to make it yourself, and if it’s a product or service focused it means you cared enough to actually create the best kind of content!

Video Production Services From Elite Digital

You don’t have to shoot the video yourself, leave it to our experts! We even have a drone that we can use to create extremely professional videos. We will discuss the scope of your project, the costs, and what is possible in editing. After this step, we’ll send one of our video specialists to your location to shoot the video onsite!

Once the video has been shot and enough footage has been collected, we’ll edit it and create a masterpiece for you to wow your customers with.

Do Videos Increase User Engagement?

There is a reason why YouTube has billions of users on it! Everyone loves video, if a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a billion! Even if you don’t understand the language the subjects are speaking you can still get an idea of what the video is about through the imagery and tone of the video, that’s how powerful it is.

If you have a bunch of text that someone can’t read, then it’s wasted effort and there isn’t any other way for them to consume it. The other reason video tends to work well, is it increases your engagement metrics. People will often watch most of the video even if they’re not fully interested in the topic. However, they may only skim the text to get the info they need even if they are there specifically for that info. Basically, videos result in longer onsite time vs. not having videos.

Do Videos Really Help SEO?

100%, Google loves unique content that isn’t human-generated content (HGC), HGC content will regularly outperform AI content because Google penalizes AI content.

If you have a video that was hand-shot and is accurate about the topic, Google will definitely give you bonus points for that. Videos showing in the search results are also a regular thing now.

What Types Of Video Are There?

A user engagement video serves as a way to get the message across without having blocks of text you have to read. For example, watching Starwars, which is a lot more fun than reading the Starwars script (unless script reading is your hobby, then we understand).

User engagement videos are just there to increase engagement, so the other videos mentioned below could also be classified as user engagement videos. They can include:

  • Live-action explainer videos Explainer videos
  • Marketplace product videos Instructional videos

If you have a very technical blog or something that’s hard to visualize, video works best for getting your point across. Most of us have bought furniture from Ikea, or somewhere similar for example, even with simple products just text and diagrams can be hard to follow. Imagine how much easier furniture assembly would be if it came with an explainer video.

Live action explainer videos

These videos will have you or an actor as a subject talking directly into the camera, often with visual aids or co-stars. This is a very popular YouTube format as it gives the viewer of the video someone to focus on.

Explainer Videos

Typically down with lots of footage and a voice-over, these videos don’t have a main subject to focus on, just video footage.

Marketplace Product Videos

This is where you’re directly talking about your product or service, think of it more like a commercial than an explainer. Typical examples of these videos include:

  • Unboxing videos
  • Review videos
  • Installation videos

These are incredibly popular and will absolutely help your customer. You should always make explainer videos if you’re selling a specialty product that may not be well known. Video can also be much more powerful than imagery. For example, a video review of a Honda Civic is going to be infinitely more informative and digestible than a picture or article review.

Animated Video

Animated videos are time-consuming to make but work well for a number of situations. They work especially well for abstract situations or incredibly complex situations. If you were trying to explain the transmission of a race car, for example, an animated video could show you how all the pieces fit together in a really easy-to-understand way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a video production company can be beneficial for businesses and organizations that need high-quality video content for marketing and promotional purposes. They can provide professional equipment, experienced personnel, and creative direction to ensure that the finished product is of the highest standard. Additionally, video production companies can offer cost-effective solutions and provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the process.

Hiring a video production company can vary in cost depending on the size of the project, the resources needed, and the complexity of the video. Generally, a basic video production package could start at around $1,000, while more complex projects can cost up to $10,000 or more. It is best to discuss the project details with the company to get an accurate cost.

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