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Enhancing Youth Hockey Training with a Custom Online Platform

Made 4 Kids Hockey, a premier kids’ hockey training program in Edmonton, Alberta, sought to create a comprehensive online platform that would facilitate seamless communication between trainers and students, provide an online dashboard for training progress, and enable parents to easily purchase training programs for their children. Our digital marketing agency was tasked with designing and developing a robust website tailored to meet these needs, utilizing custom PHP coding with WordPress to deliver a highly functional and user-friendly platform.

Client Objectives: Made 4 Kids Hockey aimed to build a website that would serve multiple purposes:

  1. Facilitate Online Correspondence: Enable easy and efficient communication between trainers and students.
  2. Provide a Training Dashboard: Offer an online dashboard where students and parents can track training progress.
  3. Simplify Purchases: Allow parents to purchase training programs directly through the website.

Our Approach: Our team approached the project with a focus on creating a custom solution that would meet all of Made 4 Kids Hockey’s requirements.

Custom PHP Coding with WordPress: To ensure the website could handle the specific needs of the training program, we utilized custom PHP coding within the WordPress framework. This approach allowed for the flexibility and functionality required to build a robust online platform.

Online Correspondence: We implemented a secure and efficient online correspondence system that enables trainers and students to communicate easily. This feature ensures that students receive timely feedback and guidance from their trainers, enhancing the overall training experience.

Training Dashboard: A key feature of the website is the online training dashboard. This dashboard provides students and parents with real-time access to training progress, schedules, and performance metrics. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate and stay updated on their training journey.

E-commerce Functionality: To facilitate the purchase of training programs, we integrated a seamless e-commerce solution. Parents can browse available programs, select the ones that best suit their children’s needs, and complete purchases directly through the website. The secure payment gateway ensures a smooth and safe transaction process.

Results: The custom-built website for Made 4 Kids Hockey successfully achieved its goals:

  1. Enhanced Communication: The online correspondence feature has improved communication between trainers and students, leading to better training outcomes and student satisfaction.
  2. User-Friendly Dashboard: The training dashboard provides a comprehensive view of training progress, making it easy for students and parents to stay informed and engaged.
  3. Increased Sales: The integrated e-commerce functionality has streamlined the purchasing process, resulting in increased sales of training programs.

Conclusion: Through our strategic approach and technical expertise, we successfully created a custom website for Made 4 Kids Hockey that meets the unique needs of their training program. The website not only enhances communication and provides valuable insights into training progress but also simplifies the purchasing process for parents. Our collaboration with Made 4 Kids Hockey demonstrates our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive success and improve user experiences in the digital landscape.