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Marketing Analytics

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Our Approach to Marketing Analytics

We use the same award-winning discovery tools that Fortune 500 companies use to formulate winning marketing strategies!

Marketing analytics isn’t just about scraping data. It’s about acquiring accurate statistics and using that information to make insightful decisions that can be strategically implemented and tracked. It’s about making things better.

The Data We Provide

We help businesses achieve measurable results for their online marketing efforts through optimized web design, competitive intelligence, SEO content, social media marketing, and paid ads.

Website Audit & Audience Overview
Understand how effective your website meets market demand for your product or service. Identify gaps and opportunities in your own retail strategy. This domain overview will also make you aware of insufficiencies in your website architecture including potential bottlenecks that affect user experience.
Market & Competitor Intelligence Report
Understand market demand by learning which competing websites consumers are visiting, along with their traffic sources. Identify top competitors and domains with high growth and market placement so you can replicate their efforts. Use this info to improve your own marketing strategy.
SEO & Content Analysis
This report is about learning which keywords to use for attracting targeted traffic to your website as well as their organic and ad value. Other elements include thorough SEO analysis and related research to identify and resolve issues to improve search visibility. This is a great supplement to our PPC report.
Social Media Overview Report
Understand how your digital footprint impacts social communities in terms of channel exposure, engagement, and shareable content. Use this information to improve your social presence with brand monitoring, and post tracking, especially when compared to your competitors.
Paid Media Report
Spy on competing advertisers to discover winning strategies, marketing channels, conversion metrics, traffic and engagement, PLA kwds (Product Listing Ads), ad trigger kwds, best performing competitor PLAs, new PPC rivals, etc. Consider using this report in conjunction with our SEO Analysis.
Custom Analytics Reports
Cherry pick variables for specific scenarios that you want to target. Some a la carte options might include targeting mega-brands, diving deep into niche and industry-specific keywords, and exploring keyword options for a specific language.
Benefits of Working With Us

Infuse your online presence by leveraging our reports to outperform your competitors and deliver what your prospects are already searching for.

Trusted Data Source

Our enterprise-level resources tap into the industry’s leading data provider to identify search volume, web traffic, and digital trends for assets you own as well as your competitive landscape.

Eye-Opening Stats

Detailed analytics about your own online presence will very likely compel you to make pragmatic decisions about improving your online presence, especially in light of your competitor’s reach.

Actionable Insights

Our experienced team of marketing nerds have a great synergistic approach for interpreting data for almost any application. Since online marketing is their jam, their insights are particularly helpful.

Awareness of Your Brand Mentions

Our reports give you an unbiased perspective on your business’ impact on influencers and media sources, especially in comparison with your competitors. Seeing this on paper can be a real game changer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer basic website analytic reports through our website, at no charge. Simply click one of the “Request A Report” button on this page and we’ll get your report to you within two business days.

If you’re interested in more in-depth analytics or a different audit, simply reach out using the same email that you receive your initial report from and we can make that happen. You can also contact us to inquire directly.

There are two different versions of our reports: at-a-glance, and full.

At-a-glance reports are brief graphical overviews for a specific area. The more in-depth reports highlight issues and warning in five areas: SEO (technical and on-page), local SEO, paid media, social media, content (different from SEO).

A complete statistical analysis for a full site audit shows technical-related issues and warnings, crawled pages, content analyzer, keyword analysis, SEO, canonical issues, links, architecture, organic traffic insights, link-building opportunities, brand monitoring, and PPC analysis.

You also have the option of comparing your web stats with competitor data.

Additionally, we recommend connecting your Google properties (Console and Analytics) for a more rounded perspective.

Data is curated from a variety of sources including public APIs, third-party data providers, big data clickstream technologies, and proprietary machine-learning algorithms. Both live and historical data is used for organic and paid search data and is refreshed on a monthly basis to reflect Google’s most recent results (which is the primary keyword database).

We love to talk shop so if you have a general question, simply reach out via the email that sent your report, or use our contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as is humanly possible. We’ll be able to recommend some very helpful online resources to steer you in the right direction if you’re thinking about DIY solutions.

If however, you need professional assistance in implementing suggested recommendations, read on…

Unfortunately, your free report doesn’t include any man-hours for making correcting. That’s something that you’ll have to implement on your end. If you require professional assistance to implement the corrections recommended by your website audit, we’d love to help you out. Simply reach out via the email that sent your report, or use our contact page and we’ll follow-up as soon as possible.

As a full-service digital marketing agency serving the Edmonton area, Elite Digital Marketing makes enterprise-level resources available to businesses who want to increase their customer reach through a variety of website optimization strategies including SEO, Google Ads management, website design, digital marketing, social media marketing, and full site marketing analytics. Sometimes, standing on the shoulders of giants is the easiest way to take your business to new heights.

Making your online business more competitive is as easy as taking that first step and reaching out to learn how we can work within your budget to boost your client base. Let’s chat!

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