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How to Create a Live Sale Notification for WooCommerce

Looking to increase your sales? Did you know that displaying live sale notifications can boost conversion rates by up to 15%?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to create a live sale notification for your WooCommerce store. By adding this feature, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to make a purchase.

We’ll walk you through the process of selecting the best WordPress plugin, installing and activating it, and customizing the notification settings.

Plus, we’ll provide tips on monitoring the impact of these notifications using A/B testing and sales tracking tools.

Get ready to take your WooCommerce store to the next level with our step-by-step guide.

Understanding News Ticker in WordPress

To understand the news ticker in WordPress, you need to familiarize yourself with its functionalities and configuration options.

The news ticker can be a powerful tool for displaying live sales notifications on your WooCommerce website, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging potential customers to make a purchase.

By using a plugin specifically designed for live sales notifications, you can easily create and customize these notifications without any coding knowledge. The plugin allows you to choose the settings for the notifications, including where they appear on your website, how long they display, and any delays between notifications.

This feature can help showcase real-time updates of recent customer purchases, increasing social proof and boosting conversions.

How to Add News Ticker in WordPress

To add a news ticker in WordPress, follow these steps.

  1. First, choose a suitable news ticker plugin for your WooCommerce store, such as WP News and Scrolling Widgets or Ditty News Ticker.
  2. Install and activate the chosen plugin.
  3. Next, go to the plugin settings and configure the news ticker according to your preferences. You can customize the appearance, animation, and behavior of the ticker.
  4. Once you have saved the settings, go to the Appearance menu in your WordPress dashboard and select Widgets.
  5. Find the news ticker widget and drag it to the desired location on your website.
  6. Finally, customize the content of the news ticker by adding the news items or links you want to display.
  7. Save the changes, and your live news ticker will be visible on your WooCommerce store.

Step 1. Turn On the Content Ticker Widget

To enable the content ticker widget, simply access the settings of the chosen plugin for your WooCommerce store. Here are the steps to turn on the content ticker widget and start displaying live sale notifications on your online store:

  • Install and activate a WooCommerce plugin that provides a live sales notification feature.
  • Navigate to the plugin settings in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Look for the option to enable the content ticker widget and toggle it on.
  • Customize the settings for the content ticker widget, such as where to display the notifications, the delay and display duration, and other default settings.
  • Save your changes and test the functionality of the live sales notification on your online store.

Step 2. Customize the Content Ticker Settings in Elementor

Customize the content ticker settings in Elementor by accessing the plugin dashboard and selecting the desired options for background color, product image, and other visual aspects.

Once you have installed and activated the Elementor plugin for your WooCommerce store, go to the plugin dashboard and locate the content ticker settings.

From there, you can customize the appearance of the content ticker to match your branding and design preferences. Choose the background color that complements your store’s theme and select the product image display option that works best for your needs.

You can also adjust other visual aspects of the content ticker, such as font style and size, to ensure it aligns with your store’s overall look and feel.

With these customization options, you can create a content ticker that grabs the attention of your customers and enhances their shopping experience.

Step 3: Customize the Content Ticker Style

Take control of the appearance of your content ticker by adjusting the style settings in Elementor. With the right customization, you can make your live sales notifications stand out and align with your online store’s branding.

Here are some ways to customize the content ticker style:

  • Background Color: Choose a color that complements your store’s aesthetic and grabs attention.
  • Font Styles: Customize the font type, size, and color to match your brand’s style.
  • Animation Effects: Add animation effects to make the live sales notifications more visually appealing.
  • Product Image: Display live sales with product images to give your customers a better idea of what’s being purchased.
  • Social Proof: Incorporate social proof elements like star ratings or customer reviews to boost credibility and encourage more sales.

Best Practices for News Ticker Content in WordPress

When creating news ticker content in WordPress, it’s important to follow best practices for maximum effectiveness.

Sales notifications play a crucial role in boosting customer engagement and increasing conversions on your WooCommerce store.

To ensure that your sales notifications are impactful and drive results, consider using a reliable WordPress plugin specifically designed for this purpose, such as Elementor or ShopEngine. These plugins allow you to easily add live sales notifications to your product pages and checkout page without the need for coding.

When customizing the content of your news ticker, focus on creating short and impactful messages that create a sense of urgency and encourage quick action. Additionally, utilize social proof and validation to build customer trust and confidence.

Tailor the notifications to highlight trending products and showcase real-time sales updates.

Creating a News Ticker in WordPress: 3 Easy Steps

To create a news ticker in WordPress, simply follow three easy steps to add impactful sales notifications to your WooCommerce store:

  • Choose the best live sales notification WordPress plugin: Look for plugins like Elementor Page Builder addon or ShopEngine addon that allow you to easily add live sales notifications without any coding.
  • Prepare your store for live sales notification: Ensure that you keep a backup of your WooCommerce store and update all plugins to enjoy advanced features and smooth functionality.
  • Customize the sales notification according to your store’s requirements: Access the settings from the sales notification plugin dashboard, enable the feature, and customize the notification to display information such as sales volume, recent customer purchases, or notifications that others are buying.

Plugins to Generate Horizontal News Scroller

To generate a horizontal news scroller for your WooCommerce store, you’ll need to install and activate a suitable plugin. There are several plugins available that can help you achieve this.

One option is the TrustPulse plugin, which is compatible with WooCommerce and provides a user-friendly visual builder for creating effective FOMO popups.

Another option is the Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce plugin, which allows customization of messages and placement, as well as the display of notifications for specific products and categories.

Additionally, the Woomotiv plugin offers customizable notifications, reviews notifications, and the ability to display customer avatars or product images.

Lastly, the Elementor Page builder addon and the ShopEngine addon for Elementor make it easy to add live sales notifications to your WooCommerce store without any coding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Notifications to Woocommerce?

To add notifications to WooCommerce, first, choose a live sales notification plugin like Elementor or ShopEngine. Install and activate the plugin without coding. Then, customize the settings and preview the site to monitor the impact.

How Do I Notify Woocommerce When a Product Is in Stock?

To notify WooCommerce when a product is in stock, follow these steps. Choose a stock management plugin like Stock Manager for WooCommerce. Install and activate the plugin, then configure the settings to receive notifications when a product is back in stock.

How Do I Get Notified of Woocommerce Orders?

To get notified of WooCommerce orders, enable email notifications in the WooCommerce settings. Set up notifications for new orders and customize them to include relevant details. Stay on top of your orders and never miss an important sale.

How Do I Send Whatsapp Notifications for Woocommerce Orders?

To send WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce orders, choose a plugin like Woomotiv. Install and activate it to customize the notifications with customer avatars or product images. This adds a visual element and enhances trust.


So, there you have it! By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create a live sales notification for your WooCommerce store.

With the right WordPress plugin and customization settings, you can capture the attention of your visitors and boost your sales.

Don’t forget to monitor the impact of these notifications using A/B testing and sales tracking tools.

Get ready to take your online store to the next level with engaging live sales notifications!

How can live sale notifications boost engagement and conversions on a WooCommerce site?

Live sale notifications offer several advantages for WooCommerce platforms, including increased consumer engagement, driving purchasing decisions, bolstering customer trust, creating a sense of urgency, and providing social proof. To create live sale notifications, one can install the FOMO & Social Proof Notifications by TrustPulse plugin and customize the notifications to match brand aesthetics. By setting up a TrustPulse account, exploring notification customization options, and implementing campaign targeting strategies, one can maximize the benefits of live notifications. Additionally, customizing the design, selecting the appropriate campaign type, specifying notification placement and timing, and conducting A/B testing can further enhance the effectiveness of live sale notifications. Ultimately, proper execution and testing are crucial for optimal performance and increased conversion rates on a WooCommerce site.

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