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SEO: 3 Unconventional Approaches for Building Links

This article explores three unconventional approaches for building links in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

The first approach, known as the ‘Topic Takeover Method,’ involves identifying high authority sites that mention a specific niche topic, establishing personalized relationships with the authors, and securing backlinks.

The second approach focuses on converting homepage mentions into landing page links by contacting authors and proposing the replacement of homepage links for improved conversion rates.

The third approach, referred to as the ‘Give & Take Approach,’ entails linking to other relevant content and reciprocating by dropping a link to their content in your own.

These strategies offer businesses the opportunity to enhance their link-building efforts and improve their SEO performance.

Leveraging Niche Content Mentions

One alternative link-building tactic discussed in the context of SEO is leveraging niche content mentions.

This tactic involves searching for content that mentions a specific niche topic and using an SEO tool to identify high-authority sites that have mentioned the topic.

Once the list of results is exported, progress can be tracked in a Google Sheet.

The next step is to craft personalized emails to the authors of the mentioned articles, which presents an opportunity for targeting niche influencers.

By utilizing brand mentions in this way, creative content partnerships can be formed and link opportunities can be expanded.

This tactic is effective for maximizing content visibility and increasing the chances of acquiring valuable backlinks.

Turning Homepage Mentions Into Valuable Links

Recognizing the prevalence of homepage mentions and their potential value, an effective tactic involves leveraging the Content Explorer tool on Ahrefs to identify brand mentions. Sorting the results in a spreadsheet, and contacting authors to propose replacing homepage links with landing page links. The aim is to enhance conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.

Maximizing homepage mentions is crucial for improving brand visibility and driving targeted traffic to landing pages. By converting brand mentions into links, businesses can enhance the visibility of their landing pages, increasing the likelihood of conversion. This targeted link-building strategy focuses on directing users to specific landing pages that are optimized for conversions.

The Give & Take Strategy for Link Building

The Give & Take strategy involves:

  • Linking to relevant content
  • Searching for target topics or phrases
  • Exploring the authors’ recent posts
  • Including a link to their content where it adds value for readers.

This approach creates mutual benefit, as it allows both parties to gain value from the link exchange.

Building relationships is essential in this strategy, as it fosters connections and opens up opportunities for future collaborations.

Maximizing link opportunities requires:

  • Identifying and capitalizing on potential link-building prospects by conducting thorough research and outreach.

The art of persuasion plays a crucial role in this strategy, as crafting compelling pitches is necessary to encourage link exchanges.

To measure the success of the give & take strategy, various metrics, and tools can be utilized to track the effectiveness of the link-building efforts.

Key concepts:

  • Mutual benefit: How the give & take strategy creates value for both parties.
  • Building relationships: The importance of fostering connections through the give & take approach.
  • Maximizing link opportunities: Tips for identifying and capitalizing on potential link-building prospects.
  • The art of persuasion: Crafting compelling pitches to encourage link exchanges.
  • Measuring success: Metrics and tools to track the effectiveness of the give & take strategy.

Collaborating With Influencers Through Guest Blogging

Collaborating with influencers through guest blogging allows for the creation of valuable content and the acquisition of backlinks, contributing to increased brand exposure and potential sales.

Collaborative partnerships with influencers can help businesses reach a wider audience and establish credibility in their industry. Influencer collaborations involve working with influencers to create blog posts that align with the brand’s target audience and provide valuable insights or information.

This strategy not only helps businesses tap into the influencer’s existing audience but also builds relationships with influencers, which can lead to further collaborations in the future.

Guest blogging strategies involve identifying relevant influencers, reaching out to them with a well-crafted pitch, and providing high-quality content that adds value to their audience.

Harnessing the Power of Infographics for Backlinks

Infographics have proven to be an effective tool for acquiring backlinks and increasing brand exposure in digital marketing strategies. Here are five reasons why infographics are beneficial in SEO and link-building efforts:

  • Visual storytelling: Infographics allow businesses to communicate complex ideas and information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format.
  • Maximizing brand exposure: Infographics can help increase online visibility by attracting attention and engagement from a wide audience.
  • Infographics and SEO: Optimizing infographics with relevant keywords, alt tags, and meta descriptions can improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to a website.
  • Infographics and link building: Creating informative and visually appealing infographics can attract high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites and enhance the overall link profile.
  • Infographics and social media: Leveraging infographics on social media platforms can generate increased engagement and social shares, leading to more visibility and potential backlinks.

Building Links Through Broken Link Opportunities

Utilizing broken link opportunities presents a valuable method for acquiring backlinks and improving a website’s link profile. Repurposing broken links involves finding link opportunities on relevant websites where the existing links are no longer functional. By offering your content as a replacement for these broken links, you can not only gain valuable backlinks but also maximize the link equity of your website. This approach falls under the umbrella of link-building strategies and requires creative link outreach to reach out to website owners and propose your content as a solution to their broken links. By finding and repurposing broken links, you can increase the visibility and authority of your website, ultimately improving its search engine rankings.

Amplifying SEO Efforts With Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion can serve as a powerful tool to enhance the visibility and reach of a website, thereby amplifying its SEO efforts. By implementing social media link-building tactics, websites can effectively maximize their social media reach and increase their backlinks.

Here are five strategies for enhancing SEO through social media:

  • Consistent Posting: Regularly sharing content on social media platforms helps increase brand visibility and encourages engagement, leading to more backlinks.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Collaborating with influencers in the industry can help generate more exposure for the website and attract valuable backlinks.
  • Engaging with the Audience: Actively engaging with the audience through comments, likes, and shares can encourage them to share the content, generating more backlinks.
  • Optimizing Social Profiles: Optimizing social media profiles with relevant keywords and links can improve their visibility in search engine results, leading to increased backlinks.
  • Sharing Valuable Content: Sharing high-quality and informative content on social media platforms can attract attention and encourage others to link back to the website.

Influencer Outreach for Link Building Success

Influencer outreach has been identified as a successful strategy for acquiring backlinks and expanding the reach of a website. Maximizing influencer relationships is crucial to achieving link-building success. Targeting industry experts who have a strong following and credibility in the field can greatly enhance the effectiveness of influencer outreach efforts.

Building trust with influencers is essential in gaining their support and cooperation. This can be done by engaging with their content, offering valuable insights, and demonstrating genuine interest in their work.

To ensure the effectiveness of influencer outreach, it is important to track the success of these efforts. This can be done by monitoring the number of backlinks acquired, the increase in website traffic, and the engagement generated through influencer collaborations.


In conclusion, these unconventional approaches for building links in SEO offer unique strategies to enhance businesses’ link-building efforts.

Leveraging niche content mentions, turning homepage mentions into valuable links, utilizing the give-and-take strategy, collaborating with influencers, using infographics, capitalizing on broken link opportunities, amplifying SEO efforts through social media promotion, and conducting influencer outreach can all contribute to a successful link building campaign.

By implementing these tactics, businesses can improve their SEO rankings, increase website traffic, and establish a strong online presence.

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