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How to Submit Your WordPress Site to Google News

In today’s competitive digital landscape, securing a spot in Google News can significantly elevate your WordPress site’s visibility and credibility.

This concise guide strategically outlines the process to submit your website, from meeting eligibility criteria to creating a Google News sitemap.

By adhering to SEO best practices and Google’s guidelines, you can enhance your chances of approval, attract a wider audience, and strengthen your online presence.

Let’s delve into the steps to successfully integrate your content with Google News.

Understanding Google News

Google News, as an extensive aggregator, collates a myriad of articles and stories from the past month, offering a global perspective on current events. Understanding the advantages of personalized feeds, the Google News algorithm, and optimizing content for Google News are crucial for webmasters.

Benefits of Google News inclusion extend to improving SEO with Google News, leveraging its algorithm for greater visibility and audience engagement.

Advantages of Google News Inclusion

Regularly featuring your WordPress site on Google News can significantly amplify your content’s visibility and audience reach.

  • Increased visibility in a high-traffic environment
  • Expanded audience reach through targeted content distribution
  • SEO benefits from backlinks and higher search rankings
  • Enhanced brand credibility by association with Google’s trusted platform

Strategically, this inclusion acts as a catalyst for organic growth, leveraging Google’s algorithms to boost your online presence.

Eligibility Criteria for Submission

While achieving increased visibility and credibility by featuring on Google News is advantageous, it is essential to meet strict eligibility criteria before submitting your WordPress site for inclusion.

Content requirements dictate adherence to journalistic standards, ensuring the submission process aligns with Google’s policies.

The review timeline can impact strategy, thus optimizing for SEO becomes crucial.

Understanding these criteria underscores the substantial benefits for publishers seeking inclusion in Google News.

Generating a News Sitemap

A news sitemap serves as a structured roadmap of your website’s latest articles, designed to streamline the indexing process for Google News.

  • Creating Sitemap: Formulate a dynamic sitemap to ensure continuous updating.
  • Optimizing Content: Tailor news articles for SEO to enhance discoverability.
  • Increasing Visibility: A sitemap amplifies content exposure on Google News.
  • Attracting New Audience: Strategically improve SEO to reach diverse readerships.

Registering Your Publication

Once you have created a Google News sitemap for your WordPress site, the next crucial step is to register your publication with Google Publisher Center.

The registering process involves meticulous adherence to submission requirements, ensuring your website verification is complete.

Strategically navigate the review timeline, as the benefits of inclusion in Google News are substantial, enhancing visibility and reinforcing your site’s SEO authority.

Uploading Your Logo

Having registered your publication with Google Publisher Center, the subsequent step involves uploading a logo to enhance your brand’s visibility on Google News.

  • Ensure your custom logo aligns with Google’s size and format specifications.
  • Utilize branding options for consistent visual identity across platforms.
  • Opt for a logo design that’s scalable for various devices.
  • Prioritize logo customization to reflect your publication’s unique character and values.

Setting Up Your Site

After uploading your logo to align with your brand’s identity, the next crucial step in submitting your WordPress site to Google News is to ensure that your site’s structure and content meet Google’s technical and quality guidelines.

Strategic SEO optimization should be implemented to enhance discoverability, while adhering to content guidelines guarantees quality.

Utilize localization options and section customization to target relevant audiences efficiently, keeping in mind the review process timeline.

Finalizing and Testing Submission

Finalizing your WordPress site’s submission to Google News involves meticulous review and testing to ensure all guidelines are met and functionality is intact.

  • Conduct a thorough testing process to check for technical compliance.
  • Assess the review timeline to align with Google’s feedback.
  • Focus on optimizing content for relevance and authority.
  • Implement tracking performance metrics for ongoing analysis and troubleshooting issues.


In conclusion, integrating a WordPress site with Google News demands adherence to the platform’s rigorous standards and a strategic approach to content delivery.

Successful submission not only broadens audience reach but also bolsters a site’s digital footprint and SEO efficacy.

Publishers must ensure compliance with eligibility requirements, craft a precise news sitemap, and meticulously prepare their site for Google’s evaluation.

Diligent execution of these steps culminates in a robust presence within the dynamic landscape of online news consumption.

How can you submit your WordPress site to Google News?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to submit your WordPress site to Google News. It emphasizes the advantages of Google News inclusion, such as improved SEO and audience engagement, global perspective on current events, and increased content visibility. The eligibility criteria for submission are explained, emphasizing the importance of meeting journalistic standards and optimizing content for SEO. The process includes generating a news sitemap for continuous updating and registering your publication with Google Publisher Center. Overall, inclusion in Google News acts as a catalyst for organic growth and offers various benefits for webmasters.

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