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How to Sell Excel or Google Spreadsheets in WordPress

In today’s digital landscape, selling digital products has gained immense popularity. If you are seeking to monetize your Excel or Google spreadsheets, WordPress offers a robust platform to showcase and sell your creations.

This article will guide you through the process of setting up an eCommerce platform using WordPress and the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. You will learn how to transform your spreadsheets into downloadable products, sell Google Sheets, customize digital download emails, and explore bonus tools for enhancing your online business strategy.

Get ready to turn your spreadsheets into a profitable venture with WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

When choosing an ecommerce platform for selling Excel or Google spreadsheets in WordPress, it is important to select a suitable platform designed for selling digital downloads.

Two popular options for this purpose are WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). WordPress is a versatile platform that gives users full control over their website. On the other hand, EDD is a highly recommended WordPress plugin specifically designed for selling digital products.

To set up WordPress hosting, it is beneficial to use a reliable hosting provider like SiteGround. SiteGround offers managed WordPress hosting, along with a free SSL certificate and optimized EDD performance.

Once the platform and hosting are in place, payment gateways can be added to EDD to accept credit payments. EDD supports popular gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Payments, with the option to add additional gateways through extensions.

Setting Up Easy Digital Downloads and Payment Gateway

To set up Easy Digital Downloads and configure the payment gateway, follow these steps.

First, install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin on your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to create an online store for selling digital products.

Next, set the store location for sales tax calculation and enter your business information in the settings.

Choose a payment gateway to accept credit payments, such as Stripe, PayPal, or Amazon Payments. Additional payment gateways can be added with extensions.

In the Payments tab, select the payment gateways you want to use and configure each gateway separately.

Easy Digital Downloads also allows you to set up discount codes and add product variations to offer different options to your customers.

Integrating with PayPal is a popular choice for secure and convenient online transactions.

Turning Spreadsheets Into Downloadable Products

To turn spreadsheets into downloadable products, begin by creating a new product on the Downloads » Add New page in the WordPress admin.

Here are some key steps to consider:

  • Creating product tags: Use relevant and descriptive tags to make it easier for customers to find your spreadsheet in search results.
  • Optimizing spreadsheet descriptions: Write compelling and informative descriptions that highlight the benefits and features of your spreadsheet.
  • Pricing strategies: Determine the appropriate price for your spreadsheet based on its value, competition, and target audience.
  • Designing attractive product images: Use design tools like Canva to create visually appealing images that showcase your spreadsheet.
  • Integrating with email marketing: Use email marketing services to promote your spreadsheet, offer discounts, and keep customers engaged.

Selling Google Sheets

Now let’s delve into the process of selling Google Sheets by exploring the integration with Easy Digital Downloads in WordPress.

With this integration, you can easily turn your Google Sheets into downloadable products and sell them on your website.

When selling Google Sheets, it is important to consider pricing strategies that align with the value you provide. You can set a price for customers to download the spreadsheet and adjust it based on market demand and competition.

To make your product more appealing, you can design spreadsheet covers using free design tools like Canva. This will enhance the visual appeal and attract potential buyers.

To secure your digital downloads, Easy Digital Downloads allows you to attach the Google Sheets file directly to the product. This ensures that only customers who have purchased the product can access and download it.

Furthermore, Easy Digital Downloads provides tracking features that allow you to monitor and analyze your spreadsheet sales. This data can help you make informed decisions and optimize your selling strategies.

Customizing Digital Download Emails

When customizing digital download emails in WordPress, you can personalize the purchase receipt emails by adding your own text and branding. This allows you to create a professional and cohesive experience for your customers.

Here are some ways to customize your digital download emails:

  • Adding branding: Include your logo and brand colors in the email to reinforce your identity and create brand recognition.
  • Using dynamic variables: Use dynamic text variables such as the customer’s name or the product name to personalize the email and make it more relevant to the recipient.
  • Optimizing SEO: Incorporate keywords in the email content to improve search engine optimization and increase the visibility of your emails.
  • Analyzing business strategy: Monitor the performance of your emails by analyzing open rates and click-through rates. Use this data to refine your email marketing strategy and improve engagement with your customers.
  • Increasing conversion rate: Include a clear call-to-action in your email to encourage customers to take the desired action, such as leaving a review or making another purchase.

Bonus Tools for Optimization and Conversion

As we delve into the topic of ‘Bonus Tools for Optimization and Conversion’ in the article ‘How to Sell Excel or Google Spreadsheets in WordPress’, it is essential to explore additional resources that can enhance your website’s performance and increase customer engagement.

To optimize your website for better visibility and traffic, you can utilize SEO techniques and tools like All in One SEO.

For conversion rate optimization, tools like OptinMonster can help convert visitors into paying customers through targeted pop-ups and lead generation forms.

Email marketing strategies can be implemented using email marketing services to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Web push notifications, offered by PushEngage, allow you to send personalized notifications to engage and re-engage customers.

Lastly, analytics and data tracking tools like MonsterInsights provide valuable insights to optimize your business strategy and improve overall performance.

Driving Traffic and Email Marketing Strategies

To drive traffic and implement effective email marketing strategies, it is crucial to utilize various tools and techniques that can optimize your website’s performance and increase customer engagement. Here are five key strategies to consider:

  • Email marketing: Build an email list and send targeted campaigns to promote your spreadsheet products and drive traffic to your website.
  • Social media promotion: Leverage popular social media platforms to share your products, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your website.
  • Content marketing: Create valuable and informative content related to spreadsheets and share it on your website and social media to attract and engage your target audience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimize your website’s content and structure to improve its visibility in search engine results and drive organic traffic.
  • Influencer partnerships: Collaborate with influencers in your niche to promote your spreadsheet products and reach a wider audience.

Implementing these strategies will help you drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow your email list for effective email marketing campaigns.


In conclusion, selling Excel or Google spreadsheets in WordPress can be a profitable venture with the right tools and strategies.

By utilizing the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and customizing digital download emails, you can create a professional online store to showcase and sell your creations.

Additionally, bonus tools can further enhance your online business strategy, while driving traffic and utilizing email marketing can help increase sales.

With WordPress’s flexibility and functionality, monetizing your spreadsheets has never been easier.

How can you sell Excel or Google Spreadsheets in WordPress?

To sell Excel or Google Spreadsheets in WordPress, you can choose a suitable platform like WordPress or Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). Use a reliable hosting provider and add payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Payments. Install and activate the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and configure each payment gateway separately. Create a new product, write compelling descriptions, and set an appropriate price. Design attractive product images and attach the Google Sheets file directly to the product. Customize digital download emails with branding elements and personalize them using dynamic variables. Utilize SEO techniques and tools, increase conversion rates with optimization tools, implement email marketing strategies, and engage customers with push notifications. Drive traffic through email marketing, social media promotion, valuable content, and collaboration with influencers.

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