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How to Preview Your WordPress Website Before Going Live

Are you about to launch your WordPress website? Before you hit that publish button, you absolutely must preview your site to make sure it’s flawless. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do this.

One option is creating a staging website or subdomain with the same content, theme, and plugins as your live site. This lets you make any necessary tweaks without messing up your live site.

Need to test out a new theme? No sweat! WordPress has a Live Preview feature that lets you see how a new theme will look before activating it. And if you want even more customization options, you can try a WordPress theme builder like SeedProd. With ready-made themes and an easy visual builder, you’ll have your website looking perfect in no time.

In this article, we’ll show you how to preview your WordPress website before going live, so you can ensure it’s exactly how you want it.

Previewing Posts and Pages

To preview your posts and pages in WordPress, simply utilize the built-in Preview feature. This feature allows you to see how your content will look on your live website before making it live. It’s a crucial step in the website development process as it helps you identify any issues or errors that may affect the user experience.

Once you have finished creating your post or page, you can click on the Preview button in the WordPress editor to see how it will appear to your visitors. This preview will show you the layout, formatting, and any images or videos that you have added. It’s an excellent way to ensure that your content is visually appealing and engaging before publishing it on your site.

Previewing WordPress Themes

To preview WordPress themes, you can easily switch between different themes and customize their appearance using the Live Preview feature. In the WordPress admin area, go to Appearance » Themes and click on the Live Preview button for the theme you want to preview.

This will open a live preview of your website with the new theme applied. You can make changes to the theme settings, such as colors, fonts, and layout, and see how they affect your site in real-time. This allows you to see how the new theme will look with your content and settings before making it live.

You can also preview and install hundreds of free themes from WordPress.org through the Live Preview feature. This way, you can find the perfect theme for your website without the need to go back and forth between different themes.

Previewing Settings and Widgets

You can easily preview your WordPress website’s settings and widgets to ensure they’re configured correctly and functioning as desired. The Live Customizer in WordPress provides a convenient preview option, allowing you to make changes in real-time and evaluate your work before making it live.

Here’s how you can preview your settings and widgets:

  • Access the WordPress Customizer by clicking on the ‘Customize’ option in the top toolbar or navigating to Appearance » Customize.
  • Once in the Customizer, you can see a live preview of your website while making changes to settings and widgets.
  • Use the Add a Widget button in the Widgets section to add new widgets and immediately see how they appear on your website.
  • Customize various elements such as site identity, appearance, header, menus, and widgets using the options available in the Live Customizer.
  • Take advantage of the live preview feature to make sure your settings and widgets are configured correctly and functioning as intended.

Previewing WordPress Landing Pages

When previewing WordPress landing pages, ensure that all design elements, plugins, and content are functioning correctly by utilizing various preview methods.

Previewing landing pages is crucial before going live with your WordPress website as it allows you to identify any potential issues or errors.

By previewing your landing pages, you can ensure that they display properly on both desktop and mobile devices, avoiding any loss of traffic, leads, or sales.

It also provides an opportunity for website owners to give clients a sneak peek of their site and gather feedback before finalizing the project.

With tools like SeedProd, you can easily customize the colors, fonts, and backgrounds of your landing pages and see a live preview of how they’ll look on different devices.

Previewing your WordPress landing pages is an essential step that helps you deliver a flawless website to your audience.

Previewing Development Work With Staging Environments

Set up a staging environment to easily preview your development work on your WordPress website. A staging environment is a separate copy of your website that allows you to test changes and updates before making them live.

Here are two reasons why using a staging environment is beneficial:

  • Test Changes: With a staging environment, you can preview any changes you make to your website, such as theme modifications, plugin installations, or content updates, to ensure they function as intended before implementing them on your live site.
  • Avoid Disruptions: By testing your changes in a staging environment, you can identify any potential issues or conflicts that may arise and address them before they affect your live website. This helps to prevent any disruptions or downtime for your visitors.

Using a staging environment for previewing your development work is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and error-free transition to your live WordPress website.

Allowing Clients to Preview Their Site

To allow your clients to preview their site, simply provide them with a unique link where they can view the development progress.

This link can be generated through various methods, such as using a plugin like WP Stagecoach or creating a subdomain specifically for client previews.

With this link, clients can access a preview version of their WordPress website before it goes live. They’ll be able to see how their website looks and functions in real-time, allowing them to evaluate the work, request any necessary changes, and ultimately sign off on the project.

This preview feature is essential in maintaining the quality and professionalism of your website, ensuring that it meets the expectations and requirements of your clients.

Keeping the Site Local for Live Demos

For a seamless live demo experience, ensure your WordPress website remains locally hosted. Keeping the site local for live demos has several advantages:

  • Real-time review: Hosting the site locally allows you to preview your WordPress theme and make changes in real-time, without the need for an internet connection.
  • Controlled environment: By keeping the site local, you provide clients with a controlled environment for review, minimizing the risk of unexpected issues.
  • Offline access: With a local demo, you can access and review your website offline, making it convenient for situations where internet access is limited.
  • Thorough review: Hosting the site locally allows for a thorough review of your new theme, ensuring that everything looks and functions as expected.

To preview your WordPress theme locally, you can use tools like a staging site or subdomain with the same content, theme, and plugins installed. Alternatively, you can utilize a WordPress theme builder like SeedProd, which offers pre-designed themes and a visual builder for easy customization.

Whichever method you choose, keeping your site local ensures a smooth and efficient live demo experience.

Migrating the Site With Password Protection

Ensure a secure and exclusive preview of your WordPress website by implementing password protection during the migration process.

Migrating the site with password protection allows you to share the website with clients or team members for review before going live. By setting up password protection, you can control who’s access to the preview and ensure that only authorized individuals can view the changes.

This method ensures that your website remains private and secure during the review process.

To implement password protection, you can use plugins like Password Protected or WP Maintenance Mode, which allow you to set a password for the entire website or specific pages. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is only accessible to those who’ve the password.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Let a Client Preview Their WordPress Site Before It Goes Live?

To let a client preview their WordPress site before it goes live, you can set up a staging website or subdomain, use the WordPress Live Preview feature, or try a theme builder like SeedProd for easy customization.

How Do I Test My WordPress Site Before Publishing?

To test your WordPress site before publishing, use the Preview link in the editor to see how your content looks on different devices. You can also use the Live Preview button in the Themes section to evaluate design and functionality.

How Do I Preview Before Publishing in WordPress?

To preview your WordPress website before going live, you can set up a staging website or use the WordPress Live Preview feature. Another option is to use a WordPress theme builder like SeedProd for easy customization.

How Do I Make My WordPress Site Show Coming Soon?

To make your WordPress site show “coming soon,” enable maintenance mode or use maintenance mode plugins. These options create a visually appealing page with customizable features, a countdown timer, and a subscription form to capture leads.


In conclusion, previewing your WordPress website before going live is essential to ensure that everything is perfect.

Whether it’s previewing posts, pages, themes, settings, widgets, landing pages, or development work, there are various methods available to help you achieve this.

By utilizing staging environments, live preview features, and theme builders like SeedProd, you can easily customize and preview your website to ensure it looks and functions exactly as you want it to.

Don’t launch your website without taking the time to preview and perfect it.

How can you preview your WordPress website before going live?

Previewing your WordPress website before making it live is crucial for ensuring perfection, identifying and fixing design or functionality issues, and customizing the website’s appearance. By utilizing the built-in Preview feature in WordPress, you can see how your content will look on your live website, switch between different themes, customize their appearance, and preview and install free themes. Additionally, you can preview your website’s settings and widgets using the WordPress Customizer, preview landing pages to ensure proper functionality and display, and preview development work with staging environments to avoid any potential issues on your live site. Previewing your website leads to a seamless user experience, improved performance, and higher user satisfaction.

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