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How to Feature or Bury Comments in WordPress

In this article, we will explore the methods of featuring or burying comments in WordPress, using popular plugins such as Thrive Comments and Comments-wpDiscuz.

By featuring valuable contributions and burying irrelevant comments, website owners and bloggers can enhance user engagement and maintain a positive community atmosphere.

We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to feature comments and add an upvote/downvote feature using Thrive Comments.

Additionally, we will discuss the importance of comments in blogging, moderation strategies, and fostering a respectful environment.

Importance of Featuring/Burying Comments in WordPress

Featuring or burying comments in WordPress is crucial for maintaining user engagement and comment quality.

By featuring valuable comments, you can increase engagement, enhance user experience, and foster meaningful discussion.

On the other hand, burying irrelevant or unhelpful comments helps to improve comment quality and maintain a positive community.

These actions not only encourage active participation but also contribute to the overall positive environment and user satisfaction on your website.

Methods to Feature/Bury Comments Using Plugins

One effective method to feature or bury comments in WordPress is by utilizing various plugins.

These plugins provide comment moderation techniques and are essential for managing and organizing comments on your website.

Some of the best plugins for comment management include Thrive Comments and Comments-wpDiscuz.

These plugins offer effective strategies for encouraging valuable comments and allow you to feature or bury comments based on their relevance or quality.

Featured comments have a significant impact on user engagement and play a crucial role in building a blog community.

How to Feature Comments Using Thrive Comments

To feature comments using the Thrive Comments plugin, navigate to the Thrive Dashboard and access the Comment Moderation page. From there, hover over the ‘More’ option under each comment and select the ‘Feature’ option to feature a comment. This will increase its visibility and impact.

Additionally, irrelevant comments will automatically get buried, improving the overall comment quality. Managing spam comments is crucial for effective comment moderation.

How to Add Upvote/Downvote Features Using Thrive Comments

To implement an upvote/downvote feature using the Thrive Comments plugin, users can navigate to the Thrive Dashboard and access the Voting and Badges tab.

From there, they can choose the Up and Down option under Comment Voting and toggle the Users must be registered and logged in to vote switch.

This feature engages users by allowing them to vote on comments, increasing user participation and enhancing comment quality.

It also serves as a tool for community building on WordPress websites.

Importance and Benefits of Comments in Blogging

Comments in blogging play a vital role in enhancing user engagement, fostering a sense of community, and providing valuable feedback and opinions from readers. They contribute to building a blog community, increasing blog credibility, and can have a positive SEO impact.

Comments also allow for recognizing valuable contributions and insights from readers. By encouraging comment engagement, bloggers can create a dynamic and interactive environment that benefits both the blog and its readers.

Importance of Featured Comments

Featured comments in WordPress hold significant importance in enhancing user engagement, fostering a sense of community, and providing recognition for valuable contributions and insights from readers. They boost user interaction, improve comment quality, and encourage meaningful discussions.

Importance of Burying Comments

Burying comments in WordPress serves as a crucial strategy for maintaining the quality and relevance of the comment section while ensuring a positive and respectful blog environment.

Some advantages of burying comments include managing irrelevant comments, discouraging unhelpful comments, and maintaining a positive community.

By burying unhelpful or irrelevant comments, bloggers can create a more positive and engaging blog environment. Additionally, implementing techniques to discourage unhelpful comments and strategies for managing irrelevant comments can help maintain the quality and relevance of the comment section.

Lastly, rewarding valuable comments can encourage meaningful discussion and active participation within the community.

Tips for Comment Moderation and Fostering a Positive Blog Environment

Implementing effective comment moderation techniques and cultivating a welcoming blog environment is essential for fostering a positive and engaging community. To create a positive blog environment, consider the following:

  • Creating a comment policy: Clearly outline the expectations for commenters, including guidelines for respectful and constructive discussions.
  • Encouraging meaningful discussion: Prompt readers with thought-provoking questions and actively participate in the conversation.
  • Dealing with spam comments: Use plugins or manual moderation to filter out spam comments and keep the comment section clean.


In conclusion, featuring or burying comments in WordPress can greatly enhance user engagement and improve the overall quality of the comment section. Plugins such as Thrive Comments and Comments-wpDiscuz offer effective methods for implementing these features.

Additionally, comments play a vital role in blogging by fostering a sense of community, increasing credibility, and encouraging meaningful discussion.

Website owners and bloggers need to moderate comments and maintain a respectful environment to ensure a positive user experience.

What are the importance and benefits of featuring/burying comments in WordPress?

Featuring or burying comments in WordPress has several benefits. It enhances user engagement and comment quality, fosters meaningful discussion, and maintains a positive community atmosphere. It also encourages active participation and user satisfaction, contributing to a positive environment on the website. Plugins like Thrive Comments and Comments-wpDiscuz can be used to manage and organize comments effectively. Additionally, Thrive Comments allows for the addition of upvote/downvote features, which further engages users and enhances comment quality. Comments in blogging, in general, are valuable as they enhance user engagement, provide feedback and opinions, build blog credibility, recognize valuable contributions, and encourage meaningful discussion and active participation.

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