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How to Easily Add a Coupon Code Field to Your WordPress Forms

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses are constantly seeking effective strategies to attract and retain customers.

One powerful tool that can significantly enhance customer engagement and drive sales is the use of coupon codes.

By seamlessly incorporating coupon codes into WordPress forms, businesses can create a user-friendly experience while providing attractive incentives for purchases.

This article will provide step-by-step instructions on easily adding a coupon code field to WordPress forms, maximizing the benefits of this marketing tactic.

Benefits of Adding Coupon Codes to WordPress Forms

Adding coupon codes to WordPress forms offers numerous benefits for businesses.

By incorporating coupon codes, businesses can increase sales by enticing customers with discounts and special offers.

Coupon codes also attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases, promoting sales and generating customer loyalty.

Additionally, coupon codes can be used to reward loyal customers, celebrate events, and build an email list by offering discount codes to subscribers.

This strategy is a powerful tool for businesses to drive sales and grow their customer base.

Installing and Activating WPForms Plugin

To install and activate the WPForms plugin, begin by accessing the WPForms settings and entering the license key.

Follow these steps to set up WPForms:

  1. Install and activate WPForms plugin.
  2. Enter the license key in WPForms settings.
  3. Access the WPForms addons page.
  4. Search for the Coupons addon and install it.
  5. Activate the Coupons addon on your website.

By following these steps, you will successfully install and activate WPForms, allowing you to start configuring form settings, exploring WPForms addons, and managing coupon codes.

If you encounter any issues, refer to WPForms documentation for troubleshooting plugin issues.

Creating and Configuring Coupon Codes

To create and configure coupon codes on your WordPress forms, you will need to access the WPForms Payments page and navigate to the Coupons tab. From there, click the ‘+ Add Coupon’ button to generate coupon codes.

You can set the discount amount and manage validity dates for each coupon. WPForms also allows you to track coupon usage and apply coupon codes to specific products, giving you full control over your promotional offers.

Adding Coupon Code Field to WordPress Forms

To incorporate a coupon code field into your WordPress forms, navigate to the WPForms form builder and seamlessly add the field.

Here are some best practices for using coupon codes in WordPress forms:

  1. Use coupon codes strategically to promote your products or services and increase conversions.
  2. Track and analyze the effectiveness of coupon codes using analytics tools to measure their impact on sales and customer behavior.
  3. Create compelling coupon code offers that provide real value to your customers and encourage them to make a purchase.
  4. Integrate coupon codes with your email marketing campaigns to maximize their impact and reach a wider audience.

Integrating Coupon Codes With Payment Gateways

To integrate coupon codes with payment gateways, you need to activate the addon for the desired payment gateway in the WPForms form builder. This allows you to configure coupon code validation and ensure that only valid codes are accepted during the payment process.

Additionally, you can integrate coupon codes with email marketing platforms to automatically send discount codes to customers. By creating dynamic coupon codes and tracking their usage, you can analyze the effectiveness of your promotions.

Furthermore, offering personalized coupon codes can help you target specific customer segments and improve conversion rates.

Customizing the Appearance of Coupon Code Field

After integrating coupon codes with payment gateways, the next step is to customize the appearance of the coupon code field in your WordPress forms. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Styling options for the coupon code field: Customize the color, font, and size to match your website’s design.
  2. Customizing coupon code validation messages: Edit the messages displayed when a coupon code is entered correctly or incorrectly.
  3. Adding a countdown timer for coupon code expiration: Display a timer to show users how much time they have left to use the coupon.
  4. Displaying a coupon code popup on form submission: Show a popup message with the coupon code after the form is submitted.
  5. Creating a coupon code usage limit for individual users: Set a limit on how many times a coupon code can be used by each user.

Testing and Troubleshooting the Coupon Code Functionality

To ensure the smooth functionality of coupon codes, it is important to thoroughly test and troubleshoot their implementation in your WordPress forms.

Start by validating coupon codes in real time to ensure they are being recognized and applied correctly.

Troubleshoot any redemption errors that may occur, such as codes not being accepted or discounts not being applied.

Test coupon code expiration and usage limits to ensure they are working as intended.

Analyze the impact of coupon codes on sales to determine their effectiveness.


Incorporating coupon codes into your WordPress forms can be a highly effective strategy for attracting and retaining customers in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can easily add a coupon code field to your forms, providing users with incentives to make a purchase and enhancing their overall experience.

This valuable marketing tactic can increase sales, attract new customers, promote products, and reward loyalty, making it a strategy worth considering for every online business.

Can you easily add a coupon code field to WordPress forms?

Yes, you can easily add a coupon code field to WordPress forms by installing and activating the WPForms plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can access the Coupons addon and create and configure coupon codes. You can then add the coupon code field to your WordPress forms using the WPForms form builder. This allows you to strategically use coupon codes to promote products or services, track their effectiveness, and integrate them with payment gateways and email marketing campaigns.

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