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How to Customize Your WordPress Header

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of customizing your WordPress header.

As an integral part of your website, the header serves to display important elements such as your logo, title, and navigation menus. By customizing the header, you can enhance the overall design and user experience.

We will explore various methods, including the WordPress theme customizer, the WordPress full site editor, and the use of plugins like SeedProd.

Additionally, we will discuss how to add a widget area to the header for additional functionality.

Importance of Customizing WordPress Header

Customizing the WordPress header is crucial for enhancing brand identity and improving user experience.

It allows for improving navigation, enhancing branding, increasing conversions, and integrating third-party tools.

By customizing the header, you can create a unique and personalized website that makes a lasting impression on visitors.

It establishes a cohesive and professional look for your website, while also enhancing user experience through easy navigation and clear branding.

Custom code can be added to integrate third-party tools and functionalities.

Customizing Header Using WordPress Theme Customizer

When customizing your WordPress header using the WordPress Theme Customizer, you can access the customization options through the Appearance » Customize menu.

Here are some steps to customize your header using the Theme Customizer:

  • Choose a theme that offers header customization options.
  • Look for the Header section or header options under the Color section.
  • If your theme doesn’t have header customization options, consider using a drag & drop theme builder plugin like SeedProd.

In the Theme Customizer, you can:

  • Add widgets
  • Change the site title and logo
  • Adjust block placement
  • Modify the background color or image

Experiment with different header layout options, such as a centered logo or a sticky header.

Incorporate header branding techniques by adding your brand colors and fonts.

Ensure your header design is responsive and looks good on all devices.

Customizing Header Using WordPress Full Site Editor

To personalize your WordPress header, utilize the WordPress Full Site Editor for seamless customization options. Access the full site editor through the Appearance » Editor menu.

In the full site editor, the header is referred to as the ‘Page Header.’ Customization options include layout, color, border, dimensions, font, and overall style.

Additional customization options can be found by clicking the Styles icon, allowing further adjustments to font, colors, and layout.

Creating Custom Header and Page Layouts With Seedprod

To create unique and personalized headers for your WordPress website, utilize SeedProd, a powerful theme builder plugin that offers complete control over header and page layouts.

With SeedProd, you can customize your headers using a drag and drop editor, making it easy to create the perfect design.

The plugin also provides advanced features such as multiple layout options and responsive design, ensuring your headers look great on any device.

Take advantage of SeedProd’s header customization capabilities to enhance your website’s branding and user experience.

Adding a Widget Area to the WordPress Header

To incorporate additional content and functionality, add a widget area to the WordPress header. Adding dynamic elements, such as social icons or business contact information, can enhance the header’s usability.

Benefits of widget areas include increased customization options and improved user experience.

To implement a widget area in the header, add a custom code snippet to the theme’s functions.php file. Once registered, widgets can be added to the header area via the Appearance » Widgets menu.

This method allows for implementing header animations, following best practices for header design, and troubleshooting common customization issues.

Customization Options in WordPress Theme Customizer

Continuing from the previous subtopic, the customization options available in the WordPress Theme Customizer allow for a wide range of design changes to be made to the header section of a WordPress website. These options include:

Header layout customization:

  • Adjusting the position and alignment of the header elements.
  • Choosing between different header styles, such as a centered or split header.

Color customization:

  • Changing the background color or image of the header.
  • Modifying the text color and link color within the header.

Font customization:

  • Selecting different fonts for the header text.
  • Adjusting the font size and line height for better readability.

Block placement:

  • Adding and arranging blocks within the header section.
  • Including elements like social media icons, search bar, or contact information.

Customization Options in WordPress Full Site Editor

The WordPress Full Site Editor offers a range of customization options for the header section of your WordPress website.

To customize colors, go to the header section in the editor and select the color options.

To adjust font, navigate to the typography settings and modify the font style, size, and weight.

To add a background image, upload the desired image in the background settings.

To change the header layout, select a different layout option from the available choices.

To integrate social media, add social media icons or links in the header section.

Additional Customization Options With Seedprod Pro

With Seedprod Pro, you can further enhance the customization of your WordPress header. Here are some additional customization options available with Seedprod Pro:

Drag and drop editor:

  • Seedprod Pro provides a user-friendly drag and drop editor that allows you to easily customize your header design.
  • You can rearrange elements, adjust sizes and colors, and add custom blocks to create a unique header layout.

Custom themes:

  • Seedprod Pro allows you to create custom themes for your WordPress website.
  • You can design and customize your header to match your branding and overall website design.

Widget functionality:

  • Seedprod Pro offers widget functionality for your header.

You can add widgets such as social media icons, search bars, or custom content to your header for enhanced functionality and user experience.


In conclusion, customizing the WordPress header is a crucial step in creating a unique and personalized website.

By utilizing tools such as the WordPress theme customizer, the WordPress full site editor, and plugins like SeedProd, website owners can enhance the design and user experience of their headers.

Additionally, the addition of widget areas allows for the inclusion of additional content and functionality.

Overall, customizing the header provides ample opportunities for customization and brand identity establishment.

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