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How to Create a Coupon Popup in WordPress

In the highly competitive online marketplace, businesses are constantly searching for effective strategies to attract and retain customers. One proven technique is the use of coupon popups on WordPress websites.

Coupon popups offer numerous benefits, such as increased conversion rates, recovery of abandoned cart sales, and the ability to drive more sales.

OptinMonster provides a user-friendly solution to help businesses create and customize coupon popups.

This article will guide readers through the process of creating a coupon popup in WordPress using OptinMonster, including design customization, coupon code delivery, and customizing display rules.

Benefits of Coupon Popups

The utilization of coupon popups offers numerous benefits for businesses.

Coupon popups can significantly increase conversions by encouraging visitors to make a purchase decision with the added incentive of a discount.

They also help in recovering abandoned cart sales, as customers are more likely to complete their purchase when presented with a coupon code.

Additionally, coupon popups boost customer loyalty by providing exclusive deals and discounts, ultimately driving more sales for the business.

Creating a Coupon Popup With Optinmonster

To create a coupon popup with OptinMonster, businesses can utilize its campaign builder and customization features to design an engaging and visually appealing promotional offer.

OptinMonster offers a range of features that can enhance conversion strategies, user engagement, and targeted promotions.

By creating a coupon popup, businesses can increase coupon redemption rates and drive more sales.

OptinMonster’s features allow businesses to easily customize their coupon popups and deliver the coupon code through various channels for maximum impact.

Designing Your Coupon Popup

Designing a visually appealing and engaging coupon popup is crucial for businesses looking to maximize conversion rates and drive more sales. Visual elements such as colors, fonts, and images should be carefully chosen to grab attention. Call to action placement should be strategic to encourage visitors to take action.

Including a coupon expiration date creates a sense of urgency. It’s important to ensure that the coupon popup is mobile responsive for a seamless user experience. A/B testing can help optimize the design and effectiveness of the coupon popup.

Delivering the Coupon Code

After designing a visually appealing and engaging coupon popup, the next step is to deliver the coupon code to your website visitors. To ensure a seamless delivery process, consider the following methods:

  • Use OptinMonster’s Success view to deliver the coupon code immediately
  • Send the coupon code by email newsletter for easy reference later
  • Integrate OptinMonster with an email marketing service to set up automated emails
  • Customize display rules to control when and where the coupon popup appears.

Customizing Display Rules

Customizing display rules is an essential step in creating a coupon popup in WordPress. OptinMonster provides various options to customize the display rules of your coupon popup.

You can use Exit Intent customization to show the popup at the right moment when visitors are about to leave your site.

Additionally, you can target specific audience segments, perform A/B testing to optimize the popup’s performance, ensure mobile responsiveness, and explore OptinMonster alternatives for more advanced display rule customization options.

Setting up an Ecommerce Store in WordPress (Optional)

To set up an Ecommerce Store in WordPress, you will need to install and configure an Ecommerce plugin. Here are the steps to follow for an ecommerce setup:

  1. Install and activate an Ecommerce plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Set up your digital storefront by creating product listings.
  3. Integrate payment gateways for seamless online selling.
  4. Configure shipping options and tax settings for a smooth checkout process.

Connecting Your WordPress Site With Optinmonster

To connect your WordPress site with OptinMonster, you will need to follow a few simple steps.

First, sign up for an OptinMonster account and install the OptinMonster plugin on your WordPress site.

Next, configure the plugin by entering your OptinMonster account API key.

Once connected, you can start designing your coupon template using OptinMonster’s campaign builder.

After that, you can choose the email delivery options for the coupon code and set up advanced display rules to control when and where the coupon popup appears on your site.

Integrating Optinmonster With an Email Marketing Service

Integrating OptinMonster with an email marketing service allows you to seamlessly connect your coupon popup with your email list and automate the delivery of coupon codes.

This integration is essential for conversion optimization and email campaign integration. It also enables targeted audience segmentation and A/B testing for coupon popups.


In conclusion, creating a coupon popup in WordPress using OptinMonster can be a highly effective strategy for businesses looking to attract and retain customers in the competitive online marketplace.

By utilizing the benefits of coupon popups, such as increased conversion rates and the recovery of abandoned cart sales, businesses can drive more sales and boost customer loyalty.

With the ability to customize display rules and integrate with email marketing services, OptinMonster provides a user-friendly solution for businesses to enhance their online marketing efforts.

Can OptinMonster help create coupon popups in WordPress?

OptinMonster can help create coupon popups in WordPress by providing a campaign builder that makes creation easy. The design can be customized to be visually appealing, increasing coupon redemption rates and driving more sales. The coupon code can be delivered through various channels, such as OptinMonster’s Success view, email newsletters, and integration with an email marketing service. Display rules can be customized to control the appearance of the coupon popup, and A/B testing can be performed to optimize its effectiveness. Additionally, OptinMonster offers features for targeted promotions and audience segmentation.

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