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How to Add Product Questions And Answers in WooCommerce

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your WooCommerce website and create a more interactive shopping experience?

Imagine a virtual shopping assistant, available 24/7, guiding customers towards making confident purchasing decisions.

Well, with the product questions and answers feature in WooCommerce, this dream can become a reality.

By simply adding a plugin, you can empower your customers to ask specific questions about your products, while giving you the power to provide informative answers.

This not only builds trust and engagement but also ensures that potential buyers have all the information they need.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to easily add product questions and answers to your WooCommerce store.

Plugin Installation and Activation

To begin the process of installing and activating the plugin for adding product questions and answers in WooCommerce, you’ll need to follow these steps.

First, download the YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers plugin from the self-hosted WordPress installation.

Once downloaded, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Plugins’ in the left-hand menu. From there, select ‘Add New’ and then click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button.

Choose the plugin file you just downloaded and click ‘Install Now’. After the plugin is installed, click on the ‘Activate’ button to activate it on your WooCommerce site.

Once activated, you can access the plugin’s settings page to customize options like load more button, page size, and layout.

It’s as simple as that! Now you can start adding product questions and answers to enhance the shopping experience on your WooCommerce store.

Accessing the Plugin Settings

To access the plugin settings, you need to navigate to the Reviews page in the WordPress dashboard after activating the CusRev plugin. Once you’re on the Reviews page, you’ll find a tab labeled ‘Q & A’ where you can customize the Q&A feature. This is where you can enable additional settings such as reCAPTCHA and reply notification preferences.

By customizing the questions and answers feature, you can ensure that it aligns with your specific requirements. After making any changes to the settings, don’t forget to save them in order to apply the updates.

It’s important to note that no configuration is required for the plugin. Simply install it, activate it, and start using it. And if you ever need to make changes, you can always access the plugin settings on the Reviews page in the WordPress dashboard.

Enabling the Questions and Answers Feature

Now, let’s enable the Questions and Answers feature in WooCommerce by activating the plugin and configuring the settings.

With the Product Questions & Answers for WooCommerce plugin, you can allow logged-in customers to add new questions about your products. This feature is especially useful as it helps customers clarify any doubts they may have before making a purchase.

Additionally, as an administrator or shop manager, you can moderate the questions to ensure that they’re appropriate and relevant.

The plugin also allows you to change settings such as the page size and layout of the product questions and answers on the front-end.

Adding Questions and Answers

To add questions and answers in WooCommerce, you’ll need to follow these steps.

First, install a plugin that allows customers to ask questions on product pages. This plugin should also provide a platform for you to moderate and answer these questions.

Once the plugin is installed, customers can easily ask any questions they have about the product.

As the administrator or shop manager, you can then review these questions and provide accurate and helpful answers.

This feature is beneficial because it allows customers to get the information they need before making a purchase, reducing the number of support requests.

It also fosters a sense of community and demonstrates your commitment to customer support.

Managing and Moderating Q&A

Manage and moderate the Q&A section in WooCommerce by reviewing and responding to customer questions and answers. As an administrator or shop manager, you have the authority to moderate the Q&A submissions. This process involves approving, editing, or deleting questions and answers to maintain a high-quality and informative environment for customers. With the plugin, you can easily moderate the questions and give accurate answers to customer inquiries.

To enhance the user experience, you can customize the pagination and page size of the Q&A section. This allows customers to easily navigate through the questions and find the information they need. Additionally, the plugin offers two layout options for the front-end display: normal and accordion. You can choose the layout that best suits your website’s design and functionality.

Another useful feature of the plugin is the ability to drag and drop questions to reorder them. This allows you to prioritize important questions or showcase popular ones at the top. By curating the Q&A section, you can create a collective product knowledge base and foster customer engagement.

Displaying the Q&A Section

To display the Q&A section in WooCommerce, you can easily customize the layout and pagination options using the plugin. Here are three ways you can enhance the display of the Q&A section for your customers:

  1. Layout customization: With the plugin, you have the flexibility to choose between two layouts – normal and accordion. The normal layout displays the questions and answers in a traditional format, while the accordion layout allows customers to expand and collapse each question, making it easier to navigate through the Q&A section.
  2. Pagination options: The plugin also allows you to customize the pagination options. You can choose the number of question-answer pairs that appear per page, making it more convenient for customers to browse through the questions and answers without overwhelming them with too much information at once.
  3. Styling options: Along with layout and pagination customization, the plugin offers various styling options to match the Q&A section with your WooCommerce store’s design. You can choose the font size, color, and other visual elements to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing Q&A section for your customers.

Benefits of Adding Product Questions and Answers

By adding product questions and answers, you can enhance customer engagement and provide valuable information for informed purchasing decisions. With the ability for customers to ask questions about the product before buying, they can clarify any doubts or concerns they may have. This leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase.

Additionally, having a Q&A section helps to recover abandoned cart sales by addressing customer concerns and providing the information they need to make a purchase. It also reduces support requests as customers can find answers to common queries in the Q&A section, saving time for both customers and support staff.

Furthermore, the user-generated content in the Q&A section improves search rankings, enhancing the overall SEO of your store. Overall, adding product questions and answers in WooCommerce brings numerous benefits, including improved customer engagement, informed purchase decisions, and reduced support requests.

Related Plugins for WooCommerce Product Q&A

To enhance the functionality of WooCommerce for product questions and answers, there are several related plugins available for download. These plugins provide additional features and customization options to improve the overall user experience of your WooCommerce store.

Here are three related plugins that you can consider:

  1. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers: This plugin allows customers to ask questions about your WooCommerce products. It also enables administrators and shop managers to moderate the questions and provide answers. With this plugin, you can have a dedicated questions and answers section for each product, making it easier for customers to find relevant information.
  2. Product Questions & Answers for WooCommerce: This plugin offers two question-answer layouts for the front-end: Normal and Accordion. You can customize the pagination, page size, and layout of the question-answer pairs on the front-end. This allows you to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for your customers when they’re browsing the questions and answers section.
  3. CusRev: This plugin gives you full control over the moderation of customer submissions of questions and answers. It allows you to manage and filter the questions and answers efficiently, ensuring that only relevant and useful content is displayed in the questions and answers section of your WooCommerce product pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Product Questions and Answers Plugin for Woocommerce?

The product questions and answers plugin for WooCommerce is a helpful tool that lets logged-in customers ask questions about products. It also allows administrators and shop managers to moderate and provide answers to these questions.

How Do I Add FAQ to My Product Page in Woocommerce?

You can add an FAQ section to your product page in WooCommerce by using a plugin that allows customers to ask questions and provides a platform for you to answer them. It’s a simple and effective way to provide valuable information to potential buyers.

How Do I Add Additional Information to My Product in Woocommerce?

To add additional information to your product in WooCommerce, you can use a plugin that allows you to add custom fields or tabs to your product pages. This will help provide more details and enhance the user experience.

How Do I Add Options to My Product in Woocommerce?

To add options to your product in WooCommerce, you can use the built-in product variations feature. This allows you to offer different choices such as size, color, or material, giving your customers more flexibility and customization options.


Enhancing the customer experience on your WooCommerce website is crucial for the success of your online store.

By adding a product questions and answers feature, you can provide valuable information to potential buyers while fostering engagement and trust.

With customizable options and a simple installation process, this user-friendly plugin is a must-have for any WooCommerce store owner.

Take your online store to the next level and start reaping the benefits of a product Q&A section today.

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