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How to Add Automatic Drip Content in Your WordPress Site

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How to Add Automatic Drip Content in Your WordPress Site

Looking to enhance your WordPress site with automatic drip content?

Did you know that 71% of users prefer personalized content?

In this article, we will show you how to add automatic drip content to your WordPress site using the Site Access Restriction plugin.

With this powerful tool, you can easily restrict access to specific posts or pages for a set period of time after a user registers.

Whether you want to offer exclusive content to members, provide e-courses, or implement conversion-based email marketing, drip content is the way to go.

Follow our step-by-step guide to effortlessly add automatic drip content and create a personalized user experience on your WordPress site.

What Is Drip Content

Drip content is a strategy that gradually delivers valuable content to your audience over time. It involves sharing content pieces with your audience in a controlled manner, allowing them to consume the information at a manageable pace. This method is commonly used in various scenarios, such as membership sites, e-courses, conversion-based email marketing, affiliate marketing, and communities.

In membership sites, drip content helps create an additional income source by giving members access to exclusive content over a period of time. This keeps them engaged and encourages them to stay subscribed. To implement drip content in WordPress, you can use plugins like ‘Site Access Restriction.’ This plugin allows you to restrict access to certain posts or pages for a specific period of time after user registration. You can choose the post type, category, or specific page that should be locked, and customize the type of content restriction.

For e-courses, drip content ensures engagement throughout the course by releasing lessons or modules gradually. This helps students stay focused and complete the content without feeling overwhelmed. To add drip content to your e-course, you can use plugins like ‘Add New Drip Content.’ These plugins allow you to schedule when and how the content will be released to the students.

In conversion-based email marketing, drip content is used to nurture and convert leads. It involves sending a series of automated emails to subscribers over a period of time, providing valuable information and promoting products or services. This strategy helps build trust and credibility with the audience, increasing the chances of making a sale. To implement drip content in email marketing, you can use email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, which offer features to automate and schedule your email sequences.

Where Is Drip Content Used

In your WordPress site, drip content is used in various scenarios to deliver valuable information to your audience gradually over time.

One common use case is in membership sites, where drip content allows you to share exclusive content with paying members. By gradually releasing new content, you can keep your members engaged and eager for more.

E-courses also benefit from drip content, as it enables you to deliver lessons to students at a pace that suits their learning style.

Drip content is also utilized in conversion-based email marketing campaigns, where you can send out educational emails over a period of time to engage and convert leads.

Affiliate marketers often use drip content to create an additional source of monthly income by offering exclusive content to their subscribers.

Lastly, communities can benefit from drip content by providing exclusive content to their members over time.

To implement drip content on your WordPress site, make sure to use a plugin like Site Access Restriction, set the desired restrictions, and save the changes.

1: Membership Sites

To successfully implement drip content on your WordPress site, membership sites can greatly benefit from the exclusive content shared with paying members. With drip content, you can strategically release content over time, keeping your members engaged and coming back for more.

This approach is particularly effective for membership sites because it allows you to provide a steady stream of valuable information or resources to your paid subscribers. By gradually revealing content, you can create a sense of anticipation and exclusivity, making your members feel like they’re part of an exclusive community.

This can also help increase retention rates, as members will have a reason to continue their subscription to access new content. With the right tools, such as the Site Access Restriction plugin, you can easily set up and manage drip content for your membership site, ensuring a seamless user experience.

2: E-Courses

Continue providing valuable content to your students by implementing automatic drip content in your e-courses.

Drip content is an effective strategy that allows you to share lessons with your students gradually, ensuring their engagement and completion of the course.

By delivering content in a structured and timed manner, you can keep your students interested and motivated throughout the learning process.

Drip content is particularly beneficial for e-courses as it helps students stay engaged and complete the entire course content over time.

It allows course creators and teachers to implement a content dripping campaign, nurturing and guiding students through the course.

With automatic drip content, you can provide a valuable learning experience while keeping your students on track and eager for more.

3: Conversion-Based Email Marketing

By implementing conversion-based email marketing, you can effectively engage your audience and drive conversions by strategically delivering targeted drip content.

Conversion-based email marketing involves sending personalized, relevant content to your subscribers to encourage them to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service. This approach allows you to build a relationship with your audience and provide them with valuable information that meets their needs and interests.

How to Add Drip Content in WordPress

You can easily add drip content in WordPress by using a plugin called Site Access Restriction.

This plugin allows you to restrict access to certain posts or pages for a specific period of time after user registration. With Site Access Restriction, you have full control over which post types, categories, or specific pages should be locked and to whom.

You can set the restrictions using specific URLs, post or page IDs, or permalinks. Moreover, you can customize the type of content restriction you want to apply. For example, you can choose to restrict the full content, all content on the page, or partially with a fade effect and message.

This plugin is a powerful tool for implementing a drip content strategy on your WordPress site.

Adding Drip Content in WordPress Using Gravity Flow

To add drip content in WordPress using Gravity Flow, start by installing and activating the plugin. Gravity Flow is a powerful workflow tool that allows you to create automated content delivery workflows based on predefined triggers and conditions. With Gravity Flow, you can easily set up drip content by creating sequential steps that release content to users over time.

To get started, install the Gravity Flow plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Once activated, you can create a new workflow and define the steps for your drip content strategy. You can set triggers such as user registration or membership level changes to control when content is released to your audience.

Gravity Flow also offers customizable options for each step, allowing you to specify the duration between content releases and any additional actions or notifications you want to include. This level of flexibility enables you to create complex and tailored drip content strategies that meet your specific needs.

Bonus: Add Custom Messages to Your Drip Content Workflow

How can custom messages enhance the user experience in your drip content workflow?

Custom messages play a crucial role in creating a more engaging and user-friendly experience for your audience. By incorporating personalized messages, you can deliver specific instructions, additional resources, or encouragement to users as they access drip content over time.

These messages provide context, guidance, and exclusive offers, tailoring the user experience and enhancing the overall value of the drip content being shared. You can use custom messages to provide a warm welcome to new users, offer tips and suggestions for navigating the content, or even deliver exclusive bonus materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Drip Content in WordPress?

You can drip content in WordPress by using the Site Access Restriction plugin. It allows you to restrict access to posts or pages for a specific period of time after user registration.

Does Drip Work With WordPress?

Yes, drip content works with WordPress. By using plugins like Site Access Restriction, you can easily restrict access to specific posts or pages for a certain period of time after user registration, gradually delivering content to your audience.

How Do I Add Content to WordPress?

To add content to your WordPress site, you can easily create new posts or pages. Just go to the dashboard, click on “Posts” or “Pages,” and then “Add New.” From there, you can write and publish your content.

What Is Drip Content?

Drip content is a strategy where you gradually release content to your audience instead of all at once. It helps improve customer retention and loyalty by nurturing and converting leads over time.


In conclusion, adding automatic drip content to your WordPress site can greatly enhance the user experience and help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s by restricting access to specific posts or pages, delivering e-courses, or implementing conversion-based email marketing.

With the Site Access Restriction plugin and the steps outlined in this article, you can easily set up and customize drip content to engage and provide value to your audience.

Start implementing drip content today and take your WordPress site to the next level.

How can you add automatic drip content to your WordPress site?

This article discusses the benefits of implementing automatic drip content in a WordPress site, such as enhancing user engagement, increasing sales of online courses, and personalizing content. It provides a step-by-step guide on installing and activating the MemberPress plugin, creating membership plans, customizing membership options, scheduling drip content rules, configuring drip content notifications, testing and publishing drip content, and managing and analyzing drip content performance. By following these steps, you can effectively add automatic drip content to your WordPress site and improve audience engagement and course sales.

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