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How to Add a PDF Viewer in WordPress

In today’s digital era, optimizing the user experience on your WordPress website is paramount.

One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating a PDF viewer, ensuring a consistent layout of PDF files across devices and eliminating the need for downloading.

By providing easily accessible information in the form of PDFs, you add value for users, potentially increasing pageviews and reducing bounce rate.

In this article, we will explore two methods for adding a PDF viewer in WordPress and discuss customization options and monetization strategies for embedded PDFs.

Benefits of Adding a PDF Viewer

The inclusion of a PDF viewer in WordPress offers numerous advantages for website owners.

It enables increased engagement by allowing visitors to view PDF documents without downloading them. This improves user accessibility and enhances the overall user experience.

Additionally, it simplifies document sharing and contributes to improved website metrics. With a PDF viewer, website owners can ensure consistent layout and easily share valuable information, resulting in enhanced user experience and improved engagement metrics.

Method 1: Adding a PDF Viewer Using the Block Editor

To add a PDF viewer in WordPress using the block editor, you can utilize the built-in File block. This method allows you to embed PDF documents in your posts or pages without the need for a special plugin.

However, the customization options for the viewer are limited. You can upload the PDF from the media library or your computer and adjust the height of the PDF viewer if desired.

Method 2: Adding a PDF Viewer Using a Plugin

For a more customizable PDF viewing experience in WordPress, you can implement Method 2 by using a plugin.

By using the PDF.js Viewer plugin, you have greater control over the viewer’s appearance. You can change the height and width of the PDF viewer, remove buttons from the toolbar, and even enable fullscreen mode for longer documents.

Customizing the PDF Viewer With the Plugin

In Method 2 of adding a PDF viewer using a plugin, customizing the PDF viewer with the PDF.js Viewer plugin allows for greater control over the appearance and functionality of the viewer. Here are some customizing options available through the plugin settings:

Toolbar customization:

  • Remove Download, Print, and Search buttons from the toolbar.

Fullscreen mode customization:

  • Enable fullscreen mode for longer documents.
  • Customize the text and behavior of the fullscreen mode.

By customizing the PDF viewer, you can tailor it to your specific needs and enhance the user experience.

Additionally, you can explore revenue generation opportunities by monetizing embedded PDFs as exclusive members-only content.

Adjusting the Appearance and Functionality of the PDF Viewer

The appearance and functionality of the PDF viewer can be adjusted to meet specific needs and enhance the user experience.

The viewer’s size can be easily adjusted to fit the webpage layout.

Toolbar options can be modified to remove or add buttons according to the desired functionality.

Full screen mode can be enabled for longer documents, allowing users to view the PDF in a distraction-free environment.

The sidebar display can be customized to show or hide certain elements.

Lastly, the fullscreen behavior can be modified to suit the preferences of the website owner.

Monetizing Embedded PDFs

To monetize embedded PDFs on your WordPress website, consider turning them into exclusive members-only content that visitors can access with a purchased membership. This approach offers several benefits for both the website owner and the members:

Revenue opportunities:

  • Generate income by selling memberships that grant access to the PDFs.
  • Increase the value of your website content by offering exclusive resources.

Content monetization:

  • Transform PDFs into valuable assets that customers are willing to pay for.
  • Capitalize on the expertise and knowledge shared in your PDF documents.

Membership benefits:

  • Provide members with access to high-quality, specialized content.
  • Offer a sense of exclusivity, making members feel privileged and valued.

Access management:

  • Utilize WordPress membership plugins to control who can view the PDFs.
  • Ensure that only paying members can access the exclusive content.

Exclusive content:

  • Create a sense of scarcity and uniqueness by limiting access to the PDFs.
  • Motivate visitors to become members to access the exclusive resources.

Turning Embedded PDFs Into Exclusive Members-Only Content

To transform embedded PDFs into exclusive members-only content, consider utilizing WordPress membership plugins for access management.

By offering exclusive access to PDF documents, you can provide added benefits to your members and generate revenue at the same time.

With these plugins, you can enhance the value of your website content by offering valuable PDFs as part of a membership package.

Additionally, you can efficiently manage access to these documents, ensuring that only paying members can view and download them.

Using WordPress Membership Plugins for Access Management

How can WordPress membership plugins be utilized for access management when turning embedded PDFs into exclusive members-only content?

  • Membership Benefits:
  • Provide additional value to your members by offering exclusive access to premium PDF content
  • Increase user engagement and retention by offering unique and valuable resources

Access Control:

  • Set content restrictions so that only registered members can access the embedded PDFs
  • Control user permissions and determine who can view and download the PDFs

Membership Pricing:

  • Set different membership tiers with varying access levels to cater to different user needs and budgets.


In conclusion, adding a PDF viewer to your WordPress website can greatly enhance the user experience and increase engagement.

Whether you choose to use the built-in File block in the Block Editor or a plugin like PDF.js Viewer, it is important to customize the viewer to match your website’s aesthetics and functionality.

Additionally, monetizing embedded PDFs by turning them into exclusive members-only content can generate revenue and further incentivize visitors to stay on your site.