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Elite Digital Marketing played a crucial role in assisting Vestate create a Brick Hockey tailored product for this project. Our team leveraged the power of WordPress WooCommerce to develop a highly functional one-page eCommerce page for Vestate. This user-friendly platform allowed parents to scan a QR code from flyers dispersed throughout the Brick Hockey event which forwarded them to easily navigate through the products and find the perfect frame for their child’s team.

To enhance the user experience, we implemented advanced filtering options on the website. Parents could effortlessly filter and browse frames based on their child’s team, ensuring a personalized selection process. Additionally, we incorporated a convenient feature where parents could enter their child’s player name and number, enabling them to create a truly customized frame.

One of the key challenges in this project was handling shipping logistics for families located throughout North America. To address this, we seamlessly integrated Vestate’s existing shipping platform into the website. By utilizing the built-in shipping platform, we automated the process of detecting the shipping cost based on the parents’ addresses. This efficient solution saved time and provided accurate shipping information, resulting in a smoother checkout experience for the customers.

Overall, Elite Digital Marketing successfully collaborated with Vestate to create a dynamic one-page eCommerce platform. Our expertise in WordPress WooCommerce, coupled with our attention to detail and understanding of the project’s requirements, allowed us to deliver a seamless and personalized shopping experience for parents attending the event.


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