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Tru Choice Windows joined forces with us to enhance their online presence and provide an improved user experience on their website. Our web redesign services focused on adjusting content, adding relevant images, and implementing necessary script additions to optimize the overall presentation and functionality of the site. These refinements aimed to create a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases Tru Choice Windows’ products and services.

In addition to the web redesign, we implemented a strategic SEO strategy to enhance the search engine visibility of Tru Choice Windows’ website. Through comprehensive keyword research and on-page optimization techniques, we aimed to improve their website’s ranking and attract targeted organic traffic. By enhancing their online presence and search engine rankings, we helped Tru Choice Windows reach a wider audience and increase their online visibility.

To further streamline customer engagement and support, we integrated our in-house Elite Chat AI live chat bot into Tru Choice Windows’ website. With a tailored script, the chat bot was designed to gather relevant client details and assist with inquiries. The Elite Chat functionality enhanced customer interaction by providing immediate responses and capturing vital information, enabling Tru Choice Windows to better understand their customers’ needs and personalize their services accordingly.

Overall, our collaboration with Tru Choice Windows involved web redesign services with content adjustments, image additions, and script improvements. We implemented an effective SEO strategy to boost online visibility, and the integration of our Elite Chat AI live chat bot facilitated seamless customer engagement and information gathering. These combined efforts aimed to enhance Tru Choice Windows’ online presence, improve customer interactions, and drive overall business success.


  • Website redesign
  • Search engine optimization
  • Live chat bot intergration