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The Town of Calmar, a dynamic and growing community in Alberta, recognized the importance of maintaining an updated and informative online presence. To ensure their website remained a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike, they enlisted our digital marketing agency for ongoing website design support.

The Town of Calmar’s objective was to uphold a modern and user-friendly website that would serve as a hub for information, announcements, and services for the community. With our ongoing website support, their goal was to provide an up-to-date digital platform that could effectively engage with residents and showcase the town’s growth and development.

Our Approach: Our ongoing partnership with the Town of Calmar involved a comprehensive approach to website design and maintenance. We aimed to ensure that their website remained an effective and informative digital gateway.

Ongoing Website Design Support: We began by collaborating closely with the Town of Calmar’s team to understand their evolving needs and preferences. With this information, we consistently updated the website’s design, ensuring it remained modern and user-friendly. This involved improving the website’s layout, navigation, and content organization to provide a seamless user experience.

Content Management: In addition to design enhancements, we actively managed and updated the website’s content. This included the regular posting of news and announcements, changes to service information, and the addition of new features or sections. By maintaining accurate and relevant content, we ensured that residents and visitors could rely on the website as a trusted source of information.

Videography Showcase: Capturing the Essence of Calmar Days 2023

As part of our continued collaboration with the Town of Calmar, we extended our services beyond website design to include videography for the vibrant Calmar Days 2023 event. Our goal was to visually capture the essence of this community celebration, showcasing the lively festivities, community spirit, and the unique charm that makes Calmar Days a standout event in the region.

Event Highlights: Our videography team meticulously documented the various activities and highlights of Calmar Days 2023, ranging from lively parades and engaging community performances to the bustling vendor booths and heartwarming moments shared among residents. By strategically covering the diverse facets of the event, we aimed to provide a comprehensive visual narrative that would resonate with both local residents and those exploring the town.

Community Engagement: The video production focused on encapsulating the genuine sense of community engagement during Calmar Days. Through candid shots and interviews, we aimed to convey the joy, camaraderie, and shared pride that define the unique character of this annual celebration. Our goal was to create content that not only showcased the event but also instilled a sense of connection and belonging among viewers.


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