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Super Scoots, a leading ecommerce store specializing in electric scooters, approached us with a pressing issue: their ecommerce functionality was broken, hindering the shopping experience for their customers. As a trusted digital marketing agency, we took on the challenge of fixing these critical issues to ensure smooth and efficient online transactions for Super Scoots’ clientele.

Client Challenge: Super Scoots faced multiple challenges with their ecommerce functionality, including hanging carts that failed to process item additions, malfunctioning currency selection for CAD and USD, and issues with the Google Maps API integration. These issues not only impacted the user experience but also hampered the store’s ability to conduct transactions seamlessly.

Our Approach: Our team of experts delved into the intricacies of Super Scoots’ ecommerce platform to identify and address the underlying issues.

Fixing Hanging Carts: We conducted a thorough audit of the website’s cart functionality to pinpoint the root cause of hanging carts. Through meticulous troubleshooting and debugging, we implemented solutions to ensure that customers could seamlessly add items to their carts without encountering any interruptions.

Correcting Currency Selection: The malfunctioning currency selection feature posed a significant obstacle to customers who wished to view prices in CAD and USD. We conducted a comprehensive review of the currency selection mechanism and implemented the necessary fixes to enable accurate and reliable currency conversion for customers.

Resolving Google Maps API Integration Issues: Super Scoots relied on Google Maps API integration to provide location-based services to their customers. However, technical glitches in the integration were causing disruptions in service. Our team conducted extensive testing and troubleshooting to rectify the issues and restore seamless functionality to the Google Maps API integration.

Results: Our efforts yielded tangible results, significantly enhancing the ecommerce functionality of Super Scoots’ website:

  1. Improved User Experience: With hanging carts resolved and currency selection functioning correctly, customers could navigate the website effortlessly and complete transactions without encountering technical obstacles.

  2. Enhanced Reliability: The fixes implemented in the Google Maps API integration ensured that customers could access location-based services without disruptions, enhancing the reliability and usability of the website.

  3. Increased Customer Satisfaction: The seamless ecommerce functionality contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction, fostering positive perceptions of the Super Scoots brand and encouraging repeat business.

Conclusion: Through our strategic approach and technical expertise, we successfully addressed the ecommerce functionality issues plaguing Super Scoots’ website, enabling the company to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for its customers. Our collaboration with Super Scoots exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive business success and enhance customer satisfaction in the ecommerce realm.