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St. Albert Lawn & Snow Inc. takes pride in being a go-to source for landscaping and outdoor maintenance solutions in Edmonton, Alberta. The company recognized the need for a digital platform that would effectively showcase its range of services, projects, and provide a seamless means for customers to request quotes. Our digital marketing agency partnered with St. Albert Lawn & Snow to create a user-friendly website that would enhance their online presence and assist customers with their landscaping and snow care needs.

Client Objective: St. Albert Lawn & Snow aimed to establish a digital presence that would serve as an informative hub for customers seeking lawn and snow care solutions. The primary objectives were to present a comprehensive list of services and projects, and to offer an easy and efficient means for customers to request quotes. Our agency was tasked with designing a website that could accomplish these goals and provide a resource for both existing and potential customers.

Our Approach: Our collaboration with St. Albert Lawn & Snow involved a strategic approach to meet their diverse objectives.

Service and Project Showcase: We began by designing a visually appealing and comprehensive section dedicated to the services and projects offered by St. Albert Lawn & Snow. This segment allows visitors to explore the full range of landscaping and snow care solutions available.

Effortless Quote Requests: To facilitate customer inquiries, we implemented a user-friendly quote request feature that enables visitors to easily submit their project details for a quick and efficient response from the company’s team.

Project Galleries: The website incorporates image galleries showcasing completed projects, providing visual proof of the company’s expertise and the quality of their work.

Customer Testimonials: To build trust with potential clients, we included a section for customer testimonials, allowing satisfied customers to share their experiences with St. Albert Lawn & Snow.


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