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Shape Up Agility

The Challenge

Shape Up Agility, a premier dog training business specializing in puppy foundation and world-class agility skills, approached our digital marketing company seeking assistance with their website. While their existing website served as a valuable tool for engaging with clients and showcasing their expertise, it was in need of some maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, Shape Up Agility desired to transition their website hosting to a more reliable and scalable platform, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our Approach

Understanding the importance of a seamless online presence for Shape Up Agility’s business, we approached the project with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. We began by conducting a comprehensive audit of their website, identifying areas for improvement and addressing any technical issues that may have been hindering performance.

Once the maintenance tasks were completed, we turned our attention to the hosting transition. Leveraging our expertise in web hosting and AWS, we carefully migrated Shape Up Agility’s website to the new hosting environment, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition for their clients.

Key Features

  1. Website Maintenance: Our team conducted thorough maintenance on Shape Up Agility’s website, addressing any technical issues and optimizing performance to enhance the user experience.

  2. Hosting Transition to AWS: Recognizing the need for a reliable and scalable hosting solution, we seamlessly migrated Shape Up Agility’s website to Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing a secure and efficient hosting environment for their business.

The Result

Thanks to our efforts, Shape Up Agility now boasts a website that not only showcases their expertise in dog training but also provides a seamless and reliable user experience for their clients. With optimized performance and secure hosting on AWS, Shape Up Agility can focus on what they do best – training world-class agility dogs – knowing that their online presence is in capable hands. We are proud to have partnered with Shape Up Agility on this project and look forward to supporting their continued success in the future.