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The Oil Kings Alumni website stands as a commemorative platform that unites former players of the Edmonton Oil Kings hockey team, offering a comprehensive portal for alumni members. Our digital marketing agency has worked closely with Oil Kings Alumni to create a user-friendly, information-packed website that connects and celebrates the rich history of this distinguished hockey team.

Client Objective: The Oil Kings Alumni sought to create a digital hub that would foster a sense of community and connection among former players. The primary objectives were to showcase the history of the Edmonton Oil Kings, provide information about the annual golf tournament, and offer sponsorship opportunities for partners. Our agency was tasked with designing a website that could meet these multifaceted goals.

Our Approach: Our collaboration with Oil Kings Alumni involved a holistic approach to meet their diverse objectives.

Comprehensive History: We began by designing a visually engaging and informative section dedicated to the history of the Edmonton Oil Kings. This segment celebrates the team’s legacy and highlights the accomplishments and contributions of past players.

Annual Golf Tournament: The website prominently features details about the annual golf tournament, including event information, registration, and highlights from previous tournaments. This section enables alumni members to participate in and engage with this beloved tradition.

Sponsorship Opportunities: To support the website and its initiatives, we incorporated a dedicated section for sponsorship opportunities. This segment offers alumni members and partners a chance to contribute to the Oil Kings Alumni community.


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