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Diversified Staffing & PEO Canada

In the fast-paced world of staffing solutions and professional employer organizations, Diversified Staffing & PEO Canada are known for their innovative approach and reliability. When they needed to fine-tune their digital platforms to better serve their clients, they enlisted our expertise for comprehensive support.

Our Tasks

  • Adding a warning banner: We strategically placed a clear warning banner on their website to keep visitors informed about important updates or notices relevant to their services.
  • Logo changes: Updating and refreshing logos to match the evolving identity and branding of Diversified Staffing & PEO Canada, ensuring a consistent and modern visual representation across their digital platforms.
  • Site lockdown: Implementing strong access controls to bolster the security of the websites, allowing only authorized personnel from Diversified/PEO to access sensitive information.
  • Plugin audit: Conducting a thorough audit of plugins to ensure smooth functionality and data security, ensuring that settings were correctly configured to share information only with their internal team, maintaining confidentiality and compliance.
  • Web hosting transfer: Managing a smooth transition of both websites, https://peocanada.com/ and https://www.diversifiedstaffing.com/, to new, faster, Canadian-based hosting infrastructure, improving performance and reliability for users nationwide.

The Result

Through our collaborative efforts and meticulous attention to detail, Diversified Staffing & PEO Canada now have websites that not only showcase their industry-leading services but also offer enhanced security, performance, and accessibility. With updated logos that resonate with their audience, streamlined functionality, and robust hosting infrastructure, they can confidently demonstrate their expertise and connect with clients across Canada. We’re proud to have partnered with Diversified Staffing & PEO Canada on this project, ensuring their digital presence aligns seamlessly with their commitment to excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of workforce solutions.