Our Roadmap to SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is about attracting and engaging visitors to your website which ideally, provides the content they’re searching for (search intent). A good SEO roadmap makes this happen.

Our Roadmap to SEO Marketing

SEO is so much more than keyword research

It’s about looking past the keywords and understanding what people are searching for, why they use the words they do, and then specifically associating their queries to your service/product in a way that stands out from your competition.

This necessitates a plan. And knowing how to align that plan with any one of the four types of search intent (informational, navigational, commercial, transactional) so that you can pre-emptively create suitable content that appropriately satisfies those queries.

That’s where a good SEO roadmap comes in.

And yes, knowing what to infer from search queries is a bit of a science. It can also be a tad time-consuming and a little complicated but with the right tools, very insightful and even a little fun.

Without a system however, keyword research can be all over the map, with the potential for producing poor results.

Our SEO Roadmap

We’ve developed a roadmap that blends three essential elements for creating an environment that caters to both Googlebots and potential customers:

  1. Technical SEO (indexing; web performance criterion)
  2. Advanced on-page SEO content (keyword research, search intent)
  3. Behind-the-scenes strategies (link building, SM, schema markup, Barnacle SEO)

The mark of a successful online business is knowing exactly what kind of content attracts potential customers (posts; video; email campaigns; downloadable guides, files, and tools; referrals; infographics; social media; etc.).

The tricky part is using keywords + on-page SEO + off-page SEO + technical SEO + Barnacle SEO, and generally meeting as many ranking factors as possible while simultaneously catering to user search intent. That’s a lotta SEO!

(And for the sake of clarity, Barnacle SEO is a real thing and not just a fun phrase to say.)

The Cons Of Doing Nothing

If your business doesn’t support a budget for SEO marketing, there are always options. They may not be time-friendly but they’re still options.

Not knowing how to implement SEO marketing on your own doesn’t mean that you’ll never see online success but the truth is, if a competing business has hired an SEO Marketing agency, they will invariably usurp the organic search results as well as your client base, making it extremely difficult to capture your piece of the proverbial pie. This preempts the need for seriously active word-of-mouth and DIY social efforts (options).

The Pros of Doing Something

Of the infinite untold case studies of breathing life back into struggling online businesses, there are countless testimonials of skepticism turned to eye-opening accolades for the ability to systematically audit every aspect of an online business and identify bottlenecks, shortcomings, and opportunities. These fall under the umbrella of SEO marketing.

Even if you operate a low-key solopreneurship with limited resources, there’s usually always room to focus on a single strategy that offers the highest likelihood of success. Fight your SEO battles one win at a time.

Levelling the Playing Field

Partnering with an SEO marketing agency who continually monitors Google search policies and has an acute understanding of keyword metrics and what search engines are looking for, ensures that your business will command a strong presence on Google, despite the efforts of your top competitors.

Just remember, SEO is so much more than keyword research. It’s about finding someone who understands the technical side of SEO and how search engines think, and can implement a strategy that addresses the specific needs of your business in the market you serve.

If your business could benefit from a comprehensive SEO plan, we’d love to partner with you and help you dominate your market with a commanding search presence and an automated lead generation strategy.

And don’t let boundaries restrict your search. We have a strong SEO marketing presence throughout Alberta, providing Calgary SEO services as well as our Web Design Services to help you convert the leads that your search engine optimization efforts will bring in.

And as you search for a qualified SEO marketing agency, remember to ask for their case studies. (We have many.)

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